About the Illustrator
Doreen Lorenzetti, a native of New Jersey, has been drawing since she was a child. A
Monmouth University graduate with a BA in art, Lorenzetti has enjoyed much success as
an artist in advertising, textile design, landscaping design, murals, and illustration. She
works in many media, including pen and ink, acrylic, watercolor, charcoal, and   
sculpture. She has designed several well-known posters and beautifully painted murals
which can be found throughout the state.
More illustrations from the book
Josh leads the mules along the towpath
across the aqueduct over the Millstone River.
Sarah watches as her brother whittles an eagle.
Their home and the bridgetender's hut sit next to
the canal. Josh can push on the swing bridge to  
open it for approaching vessels.
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