"A wonderful story that brings together family,
responsibility, opportunity, adventure, history,
geography, New Jersey's canals, and how things
work. And its full-color
illustrations will fascinate
young readers with their detail."
Ann Bartholomew, Book Editor
This beautifully illustrated children's book follows the adventures of Josh Riley,  
the son of the bridgetender in Griggstown on the
Delaware & Raritan Canal.
Longing to leave his tiny village, Josh finally gets the chance to become a
muletender and visit cities and towns all along the waterway.
Comments from educators:

"Great balance between the historic era of canals and the adventures of a young
boy adjusting to the world away from home."
Phoebe Hastings, Third Grade Teacher

“Adults and children alike will enjoy this account of a boy's adventure on the
Delaware and Raritan Canal."
Lynda Breznitsky, School Librarian

“Readers experience stepping back in time to relive the adventures of a young boy
during the canal era.”
Lynn Cooke, Fourth Grade Teacher
Bridgetender's Boy
-- soft cover --
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