The historic photos of Somerville Through Time provide
a glimpse into the life of the village and the people of a
century ago and through comparison with modern
views, show the growth of the borough.
George Washington lived in Somerville for six months
during the Middlebrook Cantonment of the American
Revolution. At the turn of the last century, Somerville,
the county seat, was a very contemporary town. Main
Street was an avenue of commerce, lined with stores,
services, and entertainment. In 1900 the town boasted
three newspapers, a major shopping district, and lots of
entertainment. People traveled from neighboring towns
on the trolleys, and train service linked Somerville to
New York, Trenton, Philadelphia, and more distant
points. The municipality was part of Bridgewater
Township until 1909, when Somerville became an
independent borough. The town celebrated its
Centennial in 2009.
National Register sites in the borough include the
Somerset County Court House; the colonial Wallace
House; the Old Dutch Parsonage; St. John's Episcopal
Church and rectory; and the Exempt Firemen’s
Museum. Other register-eligible structures are the
Victorian train station and the Daniel Robert Mansion,
now the borough hall.
James L. Sommerville III
Robert H. Barth
Linda J. Barth
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